A Travel Guide to Christian Faith

Welcome, friend of God!

A Travel Guide to Christian Faith is an adult study plan for Seekers and first time Christians. This site provides you with links to the resources for each of the Reflections in that material. Below you will find the online resources linked in the "Before You Go" resource as well as the "Traveler's Edition".

About the Book Series

A Travel Guide to Christian Faith  is a 16-page little book that speaks warmly, frankly, and intelligently about the most basic contents of the Christian faith. Additional resources (the Traveler's Edition & the Leader Guide) are available for furthering your faith journey. 
     Have you ever wished that someone could briefly, without religious jargon or arrogance, tell you about Christian faith? Or have you ever wanted to tell someone else about your faith but didn't have any idea how to say it well and humbly? Maybe this could help.

Before You Go Booklet  Traveler's Edition Book  Leader's Guide Book