Traveler's Edition: Hearing

Dear friend of God! Welcome to this time of Hearing, 

Now you begin a time of Hearing, or learning more about the Christian faith.

Below are the resources for Hearing.

Hearing 1

E-mail someone your summary of the story of “God's Persistent Love.” Tell them you've learned this in a class and would like to bounce it off of them. It could be someone who's heard it before (but not as you tell it!) or someone who's never heard the story. The more you tell it, the more it will become a part of you!

Hearing 2

Hearing 3 

Explore some of the many ways that churches are connecting individuals together in the Christian journey. Look at: National Council of Churches USA and

Hearing 4

Search the Internet for three methods of baptism used by different kinds of churches.

Hearing 5

Hearing 6

Look through pictures at Google Images or Flickr. See if you can find an image of a person receiving the Holy Spirit that you find helpful. 
Try this to start: With Hands Open Wide
With Hands Wide Open